Simply Beautiful Hair Accesories Become Functional

I established Chloe Reese in 2001 after my baby girl, Chloe Reese, was born. I wanted high quality, unique hair accessories that were both functional (meaning they would fit for more than one week) and beautiful (more than just a basic bow). When I was unable to find any, I began making my own. Compliments and inquiries from friends followed and after non-stop requests, she decided it was time to make the big jump and begin selling her products. Her designs were initially sold in fine baby retailers, on E-bay, at home parties, and eventually online.

2001 seems like a long time ago and since then, hair accessory companies have become all the rage with companies popping up everywhere. We continue to commit ourselves to create stand out products that are the most durable, comfortable, and timelessly stylish accessories out there. We are so grateful for your loyal support and hope that you feel our accessories are the best you can find.

A little about my self--My husband Dan and I have been married for 16 years. We have five SPUNKY children: Chloe, Cade, Chance, and Cysie (pronounced Ki-see), and Crew. I am a fierce competitor. I adore vacuum marks. I am LDS. I use perfume every day. I laugh out loud while reading. I return phone calls. I graduated from BYU. I love to create.

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